Hello and Welcome!

Hey! This site is so new we put arachnids in the server because we wanted web crawlers! Dumb joke, yeah, but it makes an all-too-true point. It's hard to get anything noticed today...but we'll try to keep it at least semi-interesting! Let us know how we're doing and hopefully we'll get better at it.

A good place to start would be talking about music. Well, who's music do we like? Well, the list could go on forever, but Depeche Mode has to be on top. It's hard to believe that they've been together for so long while making consistently great music and delivering great shows. Next up for us is Sounds From the Ground. If you haven't already heard them, check it out. We can't get enough. Luckily they release a lot of material. Their albums High Rising and Brightwhitelight are playing around here practically none stop. Of course, Joy Division and New Order are up there as well (do the influences really show? LOL!). Another artist who is relatively unknown but is truly a genius of mood music is Harold Budd. His album The Room is breathtakingly sparse and beautiful. Ah, if only we had that much restraint. Also his album The White Arcades is another exceptional work. We're always looking for interesting, great alternative chill music so let us know what you're listening to and why. Old or new...it's all good to us.

Please feel free to share any pages on this site via the "Share" button (on each page) and help us get the word out....because it's you who make this all possible. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!